Away I cast myself
Where your light won't shine on my back
Not a matter of choice but chance
It could be just what we needed
Were our paths never meant to entwine?

With a fake sea in front
And a lone feeling abroad
I find myself in the places you adore
I can only feel detached but in a great peace of mind
This place doesn't make me remind you at all

How does it feel to be at the other side of the coin?
You have nothing and I've got so much
Stop and smell the flowers
Go write a song by the sea
Get lost in the city streets
Fall asleep watching TV

Time won't follow you around
Give yourself time for more
More of life to fill your lungs
And scream out how you hate this song

The things that get me every time (Pet Peeve # 2)


[Holden Caulfield mode ON]

Ah yes. The better things in life come in little pieces. It's not like I really believe that, but damn it's true. Sometimes you feel like you can really take on the world, ya know? You feel like anyone in the world could come to you and just land him a straight one right in the chin. But even if you could, sometimes you just would like to blow him off by saying some cleaver but short. And hell if that feels sweet. It can just become like baby steps, ya know? Every day you can think of something snappy to throw at in the air and just feel how it plummets down like bricks. Yeah, that feels just about right.

But what really gets me is how people just can't get over things. Talk about clinging for christ's sake. What can man count on except for redemption? I know that one can take a lifetime to build confidence and screw it off in just 10 minutes, but come on. I really mean, come on. I think it's just not healthy to hold all that in, ya know? It's inevitable that you will get turned off and let down by countless buffoons in life. They will never die, it's law. But does that mean that one could never open up again and stuff? I just can't find myself in that, or in anything for that matter. I relly on the fact that life goes on just because I know that I can open myself to new things and just close my eyes. I mean, how could I ever know better? or worse? Baby steps, take me there to trust again just so I can know at all. Dont ya think?

[Holden Caulfield mode OFF]

"...something about his discontent, and his vivid way of expressing it, makes him resonate powerfully with readers who come from backgrounds completely different from his. It is tempting to inhabit his point of view and revel in his cantankerousness rather than try to deduce what is wrong with him."

- Notes about Holden Caulfield



I need no cacophony phoney
Long ago exhausted my quest for harmony
Once found myself in a reverb chamber
Now I can barely hear your echo

Echo, echo, echo

Your faint pulse barely transcends time
Time has left you behind
Sound waves barely represent your being
I can't hear no chime behind these walls of mine

Time, time, time

But how come you come at night?
In dreams no rules apply
Intangible tangles twirl entwined
And sound is set to survive

Only in dreams our worlds collide

1 sigh, 2 sighs


He stood up and let a little piece of him go
How many things going on inside his head
She followed like sunshine follows thunder
How could she know what kind of brainstorm struck him?

Or maybe she doesn't need to hear it
She has told him ways of entwined correlations
Far beyond what he could ever comprehend
Useless words become a pair of sighs

Then he dragged his feet to concrete paths
Suddenly it came to him through voices tailored to fit
He knew he wasn't her perfect song
But he could sure learn self control

Wait, there is so much he could learn
Just watch him grow
Every time Mercury comes
A new face he will show

I'm a Fool


In this house of fools I found myself
Stumbling around on these clumsy feet
Stubborn Ben is now closest friend
Hopeless Carol became my soulmate
And blind Mike guides my path entwined

Damn my education I can't seem to understand
Your claims for distance where overpriced
Feeling free never seemed so bland

And please know
That to this very day
I still believe in you
I Know it's true
Though I'm a fool
Hope is everything but lost

I still experience your warmth as I get old...

[algun dia lo terminare...]

Inside In / Inside Out


Take me back to the place where I
Loved that girl for all time
Why must life just take away
Every good thing one at a time

I want it back
Well yes I want it back
Yes I want you back
Please give it me back
'Cause I want your love

How can I not even cry?
For such a big thing in my life
The pain it takes the part of me
Turn around and say goodbye

I want it back
Well yes I want it back
Yes I want you back
Please give it me back
'Cause I want you

How did you do it females?
It's always you do it angels
You always keep me on the run
So how did you do it angels?
Always you do it females
You always keep me on the run

I want it back
Well yes I want it back
Yes I want you back
Please give it me back
'Cause I want your love
But I can't let myself love you

10 Things I hate About You


Like I know it's not weird to have a stereo in our bathrooms, just because we love to hear music while we shower.

And that you carry peanuts in your bag not because you love them, because you need them.

I dreamt of having an unlimited supply of mini-cakes because you used to be the heir of a snack company.

I still try to chew 4o times my food because you took so long to finish your plate, but I didn't mind and I still believe it's healthy like you said.

You make the worst salty chocolate milk there is.

How come you arrange your clothes by colors?

You sneak chocolate covered strawberries to the movies where you always try to spot the nearest emergency exit, just in case.

Lucky 13 has had a new meaning to me ever sience.

You are so kind to the snipers in your terrace that sometimes you offer them a soda to quench the thirst.

But mostly I hate the way I don't hate you, not even close, not even a little bit, not even any at all.